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 Accessibility and Beyond

Shared use path


A Path is at least 3’ wide, and are constructed with a hard, stable, and even surface (otherwise these would be considered trails). Paths tend to have fewer sections with steeper grades. A bicycle path is physically separated from motor vehicles.  

A Shared use path is at least 10’ wide, and for use by cyclists and pedestrians.  Paths that are less than 10' wide are not considered appropriate for shared use with cyclists  (though a path may be narrowed to 8' for very short distances to accommodate an obstruction).

The effort required for a path is expressed relative to its overall grade rating and flat equivalent length.  Learn more by clicking on the links

All paths are considered low stress for pedestrians and cyclists because of the consistency of their width and surface, and because they are separated from the roadway..  

Margot on the Jack Markell Trail, a shared use path
Walking path in Anson B Nixon Park

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