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Kennett Walkfest 

Could this type of event pave the way for other kinds of Walkfests?

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GOAL: Get families of young children out for a 30-60 minute walk around Kennett

Primary Partners

  • Library (provided overall support and marketing)

  • Anson B. Nixon Park

  • Kennett YMCA

Those sponsoring information tables

  • Kennett Run

  • Kennett Heritage Center

  • The Garage

  • Kennett Trails Alliance


Kennett Collaborative reached out to merchants to sponsor discounts for the passport

Read or watch how a Yield roadway design makes low-volume local roads comfortable for walkers and cyclists. We worked with an expert in shared roadways to propose the Fair Mills Loop connecting hundreds of houses to the 160 acre Spar Hill property.  Scan a summary or read a detailed proposal for Chandler Mill Rd that illustrates how having 12 people shaving 5 mph off of their speed could save $5M and 400 trees

Yield Roadway Intro Banner new.png
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