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Instead of driving, walk or bike to to your school, park, store, or library. Read more.


Set a goal to exercise outdoors for at least 30 minutes 2-3 times per week. Read more.


Instead of meeting friends over lunch, take a walk together. Read more.


When exercising, getting somewhere, or just seeking peace, turn to nature. Read more

You can plan to be Outdoors Every Day to exercise, explore, or just move. Read more.

We can make the Outdoors for Everyone by tailoring options to your interests and abilities. Check back later.

We can help to Build Your Capacity for longer and more adventurous outings.
by helping you find the zone that balances effort and stress to find joy
Read more.


The energy you have to use to complete a path, trail, or route. Read more.


The worry or fear you feel while navigating specific features or sections of a trail, path, or route. 

Read more.

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A trail involving a bit more effort or stress, stretching your abilities without being uncomfortable. More coming soon!


Feeling relaxed?  Really enjoying it? Whatever helps you look forward to hitting the trail again. More coming soon!

Learn how to use Our Maps to find the path, trail, or route that is just right for you.
Check back later.

Hover over the Paths, Trails, and Routes in the Menu bar at the top of the page to see the options we are beginning to list around Kennett.

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