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Pocopson Walking Path

A Universal Access 1.5 mile long shared use path 15 minutes away

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Effort: This 1.5 mile gravel shared use path (.75 miles each way) constructed on an old roadbed has a Flat Equivalent Length of 1.7 miles total and merits an Overall Grade Rating of Universal Access. The longest continuous grades are 90' section with easy grades. Almost all of the uphill sections are in the first half. Click the map below for more detailed information, and click here for information on our grade rating system and how we use grades to establish effort.

Stress: This 12' wide gravel path is rated as no stress for most users.  Wheelchairs users may sometimes need to navigate around paths that are less than form (see below).

Universal Access: With up to 90' of easy grades, the path meets Universal Access standards for pedestrian paths though not shared use paths with respect to running grade, and meets all standards for surface, obstacles, cross-slope, and passing spaces.  There are some places where dirt had filled in between the gravel, leaving the surface soft in places (especially after long periods of rain), but we would expect that a wheelchair user would find plenty of routes to avoid any such sections. 

Other features: This is a quiet trail, mostly shaded (more so in the afternoon), running through forests, at times with nice views of the Brandywine.  There are several benches along the way.

Connections: There are no connections with other walking routes. Fit and adventurous cyclists will enjoy the narrow wooded South Wawaset Road at the northern end of the route.

Getting there: Click here (or on the map) for directions to the trailhead. There is no real parking per se - you have to hope for room on the shoulder.


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