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Schulkyll East Trail

A flat 3 mile long stone dust multi-use path 55 minutes away

Effort: This flat multi-use path is 3 miles long (1.5 miles each way).  Click here for information on our grade rating system and how we use grades to establish effort.

Stress: This path is rated as No Stress.

Universal Access: This path meets standards for Shared Use Paths and should be accessible to all users.

Other features: This is a quiet trail running close to the Schulkyll River.

Connections: You can continue south on to the Schulkyll River Trail.  There are also connections to natural paths all along this trail.

Getting there: Click here (or on the map) for directions to the trailhead. 


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Trail maps: To open a map in a new window, click here.  

  • Click Home to re-center the map on the trail. 

  • Click Your Location to track your progress while you hike.

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