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Parrish Trail

A Universal Access 1.5 mile long paved multi-use path 5 minutes away

Effort: This flat multi-use path includes a 1 mile long paved portion (.5 miles each way) continuing onto a .4 mile long (.2 miles each way) natural trail.  Click here for information on our grade rating system and how we use grades to establish effort.

Stress: The paved portion path is rated as No Stress for most users. The natural trail is rated as Low to Moderate Stress because of ruts that likely make it impassable for wheelchairs users.

Universal Access: The paved portion path meets standards for a Universal Access Trail.

Other features: This is a quiet trail. The paved portion is shaded and runs alongside Bucktoe Creek.

Connections: Once the pavement ends, you can continue for another .2 miles on an unmaintained grass path until Hillendale Rd. You can continue also cross South Street at the beginning of the path for a .4 mile walk around Pennock Park. There have been proposals to make this part of a larger "Kennett Greenway", but the lack of a right of way and funding make this very unlikely. 

Getting there: Click here (or on the map) for directions to the trailhead. 


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Trail maps: To open a map in a new window, click here.  

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  • Click Your Location to track your progress while you hike.

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