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 Black Rock Sanctuary

A Flat Walking path 45 minutes away 

Click here for the Chester County webpage on the park, including their map


A Flat .9 mile paved walking path.

Overview map: Click here for an overview map of the park, including all paths and trails included in Kennett Outdoors. 

Getting there: Click here (or on the map) for directions to the trailhead.

Basic facilities: All paths start from the southern parking lot at the northern end of the park. There are accessible parking spots there, as well as accessible restrooms.

Other park features: The park includes benches and picnic tables.  


 Interpretive Trail

A Flat .9 mile paved walking loop

Effort: This .9 mile paved walking path merits an Overall Grade Rating of Flat. Click the map below for more detailed information, and click here for information on our grade rating system and how we use grades to establish effort.

Stress: This 6' wide paved walking path is rated as no stress for most users.

Universal Access: The path meets standards for Universal Access Trails

Other features: This is a quiet, wooded, path.  It includes interesting interpretative stations and lookouts.

Connections: There are connections to natural trails along this path. 

Trail maps: To open a map in a new window, click here.  

  • Click Home to re-center the map on the trail. 

  • Click Your Location to track your progress while you hike.


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