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Click on each box below to follow the evolving story of our 4 year journey of how we first got Margot on skis, eventually becoming capable of skiing independently as a family, and the wonderful people and programs we encountered on the way. And click here to watch Margot and I complete a 2000' descent at Mont-Tremblant in 2021.

Skiing with Margot 960x720.png

Skiing with Margot: Inspiration to Implementation: Watch this 7 minute 2020 YouTube video on the first steps we took to getting Margot on skis. 

OCALI 2022 Doehring It's all downhill from here 9-29-22.jpg

It's All Downhill from Here (presentation): See our 2022 presentation on adaptive skiing based on  the same Progressive Access framework that guides our hiking programs

State of Synchro.png

A State of Synchro: Watch this 14 minute 2021 short film on YouTube about the magic of adaptive skiing programs, and the special bond created when you ski with someone like Margot.

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