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Valley Garden Park

A Hard 1 mile paved walking path and natural trails spurs 17 minutes away


Effort: A .9 mile paved walking path loop with a Flat Equivalent Length of 1.1 miles can be paired with a range of natural trail spurs.  It has an Overall Grade Rating of Hard. The longest continuous grades are as follows: a 300' section with at least easy grades, a 260' section with at least easy to moderate  grades, a 70' section with at least moderate grades, and a 70' section with at least difficult grades. Click the map below for more detailed information, and click here for information on our grade rating system and how we use grades to establish effort.

Stress: The main paved walking loop would generally be rated as very low stress for most users, except that most wheelchair users will likely find the 70' section with difficult downhill grades to be stressful. 

Universal Access: The main paved walking loop meets all of the criteria for Universal Access except for the running grades.

Other features: This is a quiet trail, running through a pretty wooded valley. About half of the route is shaded.  There are plenty of benches along the wayThere is a Portapotty at the parking lot, and numerous places to eat and shop about 1 mile away in Greenville.

Connections: This is about 1.3 miles from the Route 52 Bikeway.

Getting there: Click here (or on the map) for directions to the trailhead.

Trail maps: To see the grade in each direction for each 10' section on the map below, click on Filter and select the direction, toggle the filter on, and then close (x) it.

  • Click on Legend to see the symbols indicating different grades. 

  • Click Home to re-center the map on the trail. 

  • Click here to open the map in a new window.

  • Click Your Location to track your progress while you hike.


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