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CASE STUDY We considered all of the above factors - flat equivalent length, daily conditions, supports, and accommodations when we were trying to identify a trail we might comfortably walk with Margot to break up a long drive to the Thousands Islands for a summer vacation.  We found a trail to the left in Chenango Valley State Park on a drive up to  he rocks jutting 2-3 inches out of the ground on the are not just a challenge for an inexperienced wheelchair user, they challenge Margot because of her poor vision and balance

Comfort Zone
Which trails, paths, and routes will get you outside in Kennett every day?  The ones you feel comfortable on - your comfort zone

Which new trails, paths, and routes are you likely to enjoy? Those that are comparable in stress and effort to those in your comfort zone

Which trails, paths, and routes can help you gradually build your strength and fitness, and which might just be too hard right now??  The ones that require a bit more effort or create a bit more stress than those in your comfort zone. 

Coming soon!

Comfort to Joy

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