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Meet us in Portland to hear about helping people with disabilities to get healthy outdoors

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Look for our presentations to the annual national conference of the Land Trust Alliance in Portland OR next week. We are are looking forward to sharing ideas with land trusts nationwide about how to get people with disabilities as part of our Healthy Outdoors initiative.

The first - a half-day seminar on September 7th - provides an overview of the 2021 Open to All guidelines assembled as part of our work with the LTA's Advisory Council on Inclusive Health and Disabilities: The workshop will help land trusts involve people with disabilities in all aspects of their work to preserve our natural environment.

The second - a 90 minute seminar the following day - will describe new ideas for promoting natural trails that already meet accessibility standards - or could be easily modified to do so. This will help parks and preserves significantly increase the number and types of trails that could be enjoyed by people with disabilities, at much less cost than some current approaches. You can download a PDF of our entire trails ,presentation (including links to related resources) by clicking here or below.

2023 LTA Trails to print
Download PDF • 47.03MB

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