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Cycling Routes

Routes are designed to help cyclists take advantage of low-stress / low speed roads where cyclists ride on the shoulder to share the road with cars.  Some might also link up with Shared Use paths.  They could also include bicycle paths (which are physically separated from motor vehicles by a barrier like a curb or bollards) though these are extremely rare in our region. 

Rt 52 Bikeway.png

Some other considerations

  • Though accessibility standards do not apply to bicycle routes, our aim is to apply the Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress rating system to categorize options, with some adjustment for our more rural settings.  

  • You can read more about our model for evaluating effort and then how we describe and map it for each route

  • Strategies for building your capacity (planning your outing, finding your comfort zone, establishing a routine, and then reviewing progress) are similar whether you are walking a path, hiking a trail, or cycling on a route. 

All Cycling Routes Mapped so far

  • Click on Legend to see the symbols indicating different grades. 

  • Click Home to re-center the map on the trail. 

  • Click here to open the map in a new window.


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Map of all cycling routes
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