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A preliminary Yield Roadway design for Chandler Mill Rd

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The design could save millions of dollars, hundreds of trees, and sensitive streambank habitats.

As described elsewhere, a Yield Roadway can transform local roads with low speeds, low volumes, and no centerline into a route that pedestrians and cyclists can safely and comfortably share with cars. We present a technical analysis of the potential for such a design along Chandler Mill road to replace all or part of the proposed $7M sidepath, including a plan for how to immediately begin to demonstrate its feasibility. This could save millions of dollars, prevent the destruction of sensitive streambank habitats and hundreds of trees, and make it unnecessary for Kennett to seize private land. We presented this option to Kennett Township supervisors on February 1st. Click here to read a summary, or click below to download one.

2-19-23 Summary Chandler Mill Options
Download PDF • 20.44MB

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